Matthew Anderson

writing, editing & content development

About Me

Several years ago, my wife and I realized we’d love to broaden our experiences as a family and expose ourselves and our three boys to various cultures and environments. That decision led us from Bellingham, Washington, USA, to Budapest, where I earned a master’s degree in communication and media. It then led us to Mexico, where we are living currently.

While we travel and live abroad, I work as an editor, content strategist and web developer. I work primarily for PR Consulting, doing writing, editing and web development, and as an independent contractor for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, working as an English-language editor of major publications, news stories and press releases.

I also blog at WORK/LIFE, a site I created to share advice to and from family travelers, and at Budapest Bound, a site I created to help people navigate life in and around Hungary.

Matthew Anderson


CV/resume editing

$200 for complete CV package (includes copyediting, proofreading and guidance on clarity and organization). $100: editing or organization only.

Document editing

Rates begin at $7 per 250-word page. Industry standard editing speeds range from one to 3 pages per hour for developmental editing to 10 pages per hour for proofreading.

Content Development

Rates begin at $0.15 per word for writing and content development projects, including ghostwritten blog posts, website content and marketing material. Contact me and let's talk about the project!

What you did is great. I'm someone who's not afraid to say I need help, and on this redesign, I was stuck. Your comments are very helpful and spot on.

Terry Anderson

CV editing client

I strongly recommend hiring Matthew Anderson as your resume/CV editor. As a recent graduate of a medical fellowship program, I am finally entering the job market, and we all know how important the CV is in the hiring process. I used to think the CV as an organized list that is supposed to 'look good' following the myriad of guidelines available on the web. That being said, nothing can replace the personal touch of an expert editor like Matthew. He made subtle adjustments to my CV to 'provide various points of entry for the eye to land when perusing the document,' as he gracefully put it.

Lawrence Kwon

CV editing client

Selected Recent Editing Projects

FAO, 2018: Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition, Europe and Central Asia
Front cover of magazine featuring Hungarian woman spinning in colorful dress.
English-language brochure for Mesterségek Ünnepe, the annual Festival of Folk Arts in Budapest, Hungary
Edited paper for the Agricultural University of Tirana in Albania, published in the International Journal on Food System Dynamics
Assessment of Agribusiness Environment in Kyrgyzstan, edited for FAO
Conference documents: FAO Regional Conference for Europe, 31st Session
Azerbaijan Value Chain Gap Analysis, for FAO
Republic of Moldova Value Chain Gap Analysis, for FAO
Information Consultation for Europe and Central Asia conference documents, for FAO

Photos: Life Abroad

Naturally, we’ve taken advantage of our remote lifestyle to explore life in different cultures and environments. A few photos I’ve taken: